Who is Propty?

Propty offers the simplest suite of property management tools to provide a lean communication flow between co-owners, property managers and syndicates while providing the best user experience for all.

We also launched Propty meet, a simple meeting interface curated for building corporations and property managers to hold virtual meetings and annual assemblies with ease. 146 assemlies were held virtually up to date using Propty Meet.


What can you do with Propty?

Virtual meetings:

  • Live conference up to 1000 participants
  • Real-time quorum calculation
  • Secure elections based on co-owner’s shares
  • Digital procuration
  • and so much more...

Simplified property management

  • Maintenance requests
  • Document management
  • Smart notices
  • Spaces and resident management
  • Contract management



Hussein Reda

+1 514-548-2169