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Jeff C. Martens, CIP

President / Senior Loss Adjuster




You will find me at the Networking Event at the end of each day.

I will be the one in the hat!

Our President, Jeff Martens, has been an adjuster in the insurance industry for since 2003, in a variety of roles including catastrophic events adjusting and as a Control Adjuster for a large condominium Property Management firm through a prestigious National independent Adjusting firm, Kernaghan Adjusters.

At the end of 2019, with impending changes in condominium legislation and rising deductibles, Jeff identified that the Corporations would face a number of challenges in dealing with losses which fell below their ever rising deductibles. Property Managers simply don’t have the capacity or expertise to provide the assistance that Condo Corporations would require. Board members are volunteers, and losses can be very demanding of time. The rates that adjusting firms typically charge is high due to their overhead and other factors. And so, Emergent Claims Services Inc. was formed, so that we can keep your costs lower, help you through your losses, and provide a better experience.

The client experience is what matters to us. We build solutions. We pride ourselves on adding value, while saving your Corporation money – _often times, the amount that we can save you will far exceed the cost for our services, but it’s not just about the cost. We offer you Peace of Mind that your losses are being properly reviewed and managed, with faster turnaround times than would be expected otherwise.