Eco Lighting Solutions is an Alberta based, independent distributor of premium LED lighting products, control systems and building solutions throughout Canada.

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Tracy Grills

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Our Team

Tracy Grills P.Eng

Tracy Graduated from Engineering at the U of A in 1989.  After a successful 20-year career in Oil and Gas, he founded Eco Lighting Solutions in 2010.  Using his expertise in real estate Investing and property management, and a passion for Energy Efficiency, Tracy guided Eco Lighting Solutions into becoming Alberta’s trusted experts in energy efficiency for condominium and multi family Buildings.  Tracy has served on several condominium boards and understands the needs of multi family buildings.  His hands on approach and dedication to doing things right, ensures that condo boards get the best possible products and services to suit their needs.

Alana Mancini BBA MKTG

Alana Mancini is a graduate from Mount Royal University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.  Over the years she has been recognized for outstanding customer service by various companies and clients.  She joined Eco Lighting Solutions in 2014 and has been managing the showroom ever since.  With a keen eye for technology she excels as the Technical Specialist on the team helping make sure everyone gets exactly wat they need. 

Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown joined the Eco Lighting Solutions team in August 2020 and is head of the ongoing maintenance and installs for multifamily buildings.  She is an electrical apprentice and is training to be a project manager.  Tanya looks after most facets of Condominium lighting and electrical repairs, with a strong attentions to detail she makes sure that your project is completed correctly. 

Angela Saysn

Angela Sasyn is a legal assistant honors graduate from Reeves College and heads up Eco Lighting Solutions administration and inside sales.  Her dedication to her clients and strong attention to detail lets her guide clients to their needs seamlessly.  Visit her in the Eco Lighting Solutions showroom for a one on one consult and get the lighting you really need.