October Luncheon
Thursday, October 25, 2017
11:30 am - 1:00pm

Laurie Kiedrowski, Lawyer  | McLeod Law LLP
Dionne Levesque, Lawyer  |  Scott Venturo Radakoff LLP
How to Amend, Repeal and Draft Bylaws
Presentation Overview:

“Is it more than my hair and my taste in music that is stuck in the 80’s? I guess I’d better do something about this!”


Bylaws are a crucial element of a condominium corporations governance - right up there with the Condominium Property Act. Common items that need to be updated into your Bylaws, including recent Act Amendments, and how to go about doing it will be shared by Laurie and Dionne. 


The good news is, it’s not as scary or as expensive as you may think. Welcome to the 2000’s!

Member: $35.00/person (+GST)
Non-Member: $45.00/person (+GST)
Coast Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre
 1316 33 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A 6B6