Media mayhem - breaking through the noise in 2020
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

12 p.m. - 1 p.m.



Mainstream media is melting down, audiences are increasingly fragmented, digital media is taking over but is noisier than ever. How can communicators cut through the clutter? This info-packed  webinar will examine:

  1. What's the future of mainstream media? Are traditional tactics dying off?
  2. The rise of digital - can a communicator even cut through all the noise and fakery?
  3. Who’s your audience? Precision targeting makes all media work better.
  4. Measure twice to communicate once - the value of frequent niche research and data analysis.
  5. Less pitching, more confiding - adjust your messaging so the audience recognizes themselves. Seek radical transparency.
  6. Tools of the trade - tying it all together with software, services and techniques.

Doug Lacombe is the president and founder of Calgary-based digital media firm, Communicatto. Doug remembers when there was no web. He was at a newspaper, The StarPhoenix, which, for you kids, was the thing before the web. He didn’t realize hand coding the SP’s site in 1995 would eventually lead to the demise of all mainstream media. Oops!

An MBA and a couple of world tours later, plus stints in the telco and newswire industries, make Doug a class A certified Internet nerd and an experienced digital strategist. If you want good corporate digital strategy that syncs with old media, you need Doug and his crew on your team. For the record, he’s still really sorry he broke newspapers.

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