Dennis French, Strategic Advisor, Environmental Services
MBC Group

Dennis became involved in Air Quality testing in 1984 originally testing air for chemical and biological warfare agents’ thru a contractor working for the Department of National Defense. He then progressed into testing air quality for operating rooms and electronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

In the late 1980s he became involved in the Asbestos industry and started testing buildings for mould issues in 1992 even before the Health Canada Guidelines were established or the New York protocols to deal with mould.

Dennis started DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd in 1998 as a single owner operator and progressed to 4 locations in Alberta with a staff of 22 people providing professional Air Quality consulting services to the Insurance industry, Property Managers, Owners and Government facilities. After selling his firm in 2019, Dennis now sits on the Board of the new Organization (MBC Group) as an advisor.

Dennis also sits on the ACAC Board for CIEC review and is also involved in the IICRC 700 series standards related to wildfire and structure fire restoration.

Dennis has also been recognized as an Expert witness for the Court of Queen’s Bench in the province of Alberta since 2000 and is also a recognized instructor in many facets of Air quality including Mould, Asbestos and Industrial Hygiene.