Workshop Basics

We know that infrastructure asset management (AM) can help communities – help fully understand the scope of their infrastructure deficits, help articulate the optimum balance of service, risk and cost for asset owners, and help plan a sustainable way forward…but organizations themselves need help in implementing more complete asset management practices. Industry and public sector infrastructure owners across Canada tell us their organizations face a serious staffing hurdle – increasing capacity and building capabilities to develop and implement formal, organization-wide asset management programs.


People do asset management. The staff in your organization are critical to progressing asset management. Staff need to work together in cross-functional groups, and organizations need to develop any of the necessary skills, behaviours and knowledge they might be missing. For some, this can be a big change and a different way of working.  It may require staff training and/or new hires. To support this, CNAM and several national associations are developing an Asset Management Competency Framework for Canadian Communities. The framework will help formally capture the AM skills, behaviours and knowledge you need across your organization, and enable you to measure, assess and put training plans in place to help staff fill the gaps.  For more information please visit


Prior to the CNAM Conference in Kelowna, we are hosting a 1-day workshop for municipalities and communities to implement the Competency Framework in their organization - attendees at this session will be at the cutting edge of and help shape the future of the industry!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn from other organizations about their experiences in hiring and training AM staff.
  • Work with experts to apply and align the AM Competency Framework within your organization, identify knowledge gaps in your organization, and identify staff training and/or hiring requirements.
  • Provide feedback on the AM Competency Framework, be at the cutting edge and help shape the future of the industry!

Additional Cohort Group Support:

In joining the workshop, you will also be added to the cohort group for this program – and become part of a network of communities that engage with each other and industry experts to help you both before and after the workshop.

  • Basic AM Training – access to CNAM’s 1-day Asset Management Awareness Training Course that is delivered virtually by online classroom, there will be a selection of dates to choose from (a value of $145 per person!)
  • Regular Virtual Meetings till the end of 2019 – we will host six virtual web meetings for the cohort communities to connect, share progress and ask questions in a facilitated environment.
  • Helpdesk Support with Industry Experts – the program has brought together CNAM and several national associations to develop the framework, and we’ll be setting up an ‘ask an expert’ feature where you can chat 1-on-1 for a limited time with people who know the details of that part of the competency framework.
  • Online Discussion Forum – we will also provide a platform for you connect online with other people from the cohort group to ask questions and share ideas between yourselves, with industry experts chipping in.

This initiative is offered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and funded by the Government of Canada.


Date:   Sunday 5th May 2019

Time:   9am till 4pm, including lunch and refreshments

Location:    Delta Hotel, Kelowna, BC


*the session will be recorded, if you are unable to attend Sunday but want to participate you can still join and register as a ‘Virtual Attendee’ to watch the session in your own time, then join the cohort support structure*



Pricing and Registration:

  • In-Person Workshop Attendee & Support Cohort – $300 for the first person, $100 for a second team member (includes lunch and refreshments)  
  • Remote Virtual Workshop Attendee & Support Cohort – $150 per community (up to 3 people)


Places are limited to please register promptly.


Participants will also be required to have this commitment letter signed by your manager in support of you / your teams’ participation in the program.