We are offering both in person and virtual options to writing the ACM Exam.    Please note that we will provide you with a set of By-Laws to use for the exam but your are required to provide your own copy of the most up to date Condominium Property Act. 

Obtaining the Accredited Condominium Manager (ACM) designation is an important step for our members’ clients to be able to identify qualified, experienced condominium management professionals in Alberta who are dedicated to the profession and committed to a code of professional ethics. Upcoming legislation is expected to require accreditation and licensing of Condominium Managers.

The ACM designation is available to members with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the industry and have demonstrated knowledge by successfully passing an industry related exam  and by being a paid member of ACMA and maintaining the ACMA membership.

The ACM exam entails short answer questions ranging in areas of Condominium Maintenance, Insurance, Legal, Responsibility, AGM’s, Condominium Plans, and Multi-Storied Buildings.  The exam is three (3) hours long and a set of generic by-laws, the Condominium Property Act and the Condominium Property Regulations are provided for referral.  This is a short answer exam and no essay style answers are required.

The exam fee is $150.00 (effective May 1, 2021) and the completed form online form and fee must be received before an exam date will be confirmed. A passing grade to earn the ACM designation is 75% and the exam results are usually provided within 1 week of the exam.  The Certificate and ACM Pin will be awarded at an upcoming ACMA event or mailed.

There are locations in Calgary and Edmonton to write the exam as well as writing the exam in an online format.   


Please note that should you be required to re-take the exam, the full $150 fee will be payable.