April Luncheon
Thursday, April 26, 2018
11:30 am - 1:00pm
Janice Kelner 
Unexus Management Services Inc.
Turning Conflict into Opportunity: 
Effective Resolution of Condominium Disputes
Presentation Overview:
Conflict can arise whenever people interact, and is certainly not unique to condominium communities.  However, the close proximity of condo units and the shared ownership of common property pose unique challenges that demand a collaborative approach to  resolving condo-related disputes, to avoid pitting neighbour against neighbour. 
This presentation will look at a range of options for managing conflict in condominium communities, from informal discussions to the proposed new condominium tribunal.  While many people are uncomfortable dealing with conflict, good conflict management can actually improve relationships and restore trust.  The challenge is to see conflict as a natural part of life and to look beneath the disagreement to understand what is driving it, which can provide important clues about matters that may need our attention.   
We will explore strategies for managing and resolving different types of condo-related disputes while minimizing the need for legal intervention, which can be costly and time-consuming as well as damaging to community relations.  We will also look at the options for third-party resolution of condo disputes, when owners, the board, and the property manager are unable to settle them directly.  This will include an overview of the resolution processes recently implemented in other jurisdictions, and a discussion of some of the options that Service Alberta might consider in designing a new condo dispute resolution tribunal.  
Member: $35.00/person (+GST)
Non-Member: $45.00/person (+GST)
Coast Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre
 1316 33 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A 6B6