How to Be a Productivity Ninja (90minutes)

Over the course of 90mins, our Ninja will share the 9 secret characteristics of the ‘Productivity Ninja'. This impactful, engaging and fun session is the perfect antidote to the problem of information overload. Through a combination of practical tools, unorthodox ideas, and individual action planning your members will walk away with inspiration and applicable tips to boost their productivity, reduce stress, and do more of their best work.

Learning Objectives:

1. Generate self-awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement in the area of time & attention management.

2. Gain appreciation that very small changes in habits can lead to significant gains in time and increased focus.

3. Participants will align themselves with one of 9 Productivity Ninja characteristics and commit to a shift in habit, mindset or implementation of a practical tip.


NOTE: the presentation consists of more than 95% highly visual slides with minimal text. It is an interactive session allowing for lively discussion, and both individual and group activities to support the learning.