1-Day Asset Management Awareness Workshop 
Monday May 14, 2018
8:30am - 4:30pm
The Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) is providing you with the opportunity to attend a 1-Day Infrastructure Asset Management Awareness Workshop the day before the Annual CNAM Conference starts in Windsor, Ontario at a significantly reduced price. 
The workshop will provide participants with:
  • An understanding of what is Infrastructure Asset Management
  • An understanding of the benefits to them and their organization
  • An awareness of industry recognized good practice for municipalities 
  • An awareness of resources that exist to support you to make progress
  • An understanding of some practicial steps on how to move forward and get started
Additionally, the face-to-face session will enable participants to connect with peers, network with other municipalities who practice asset management at varying levels and provide an environment conducive to sharing and collaborating.
This session is appropriate for Elected Officials and Municipal Staff who will leave the workshops with a better understanding of what asset management is, why it should be undertaken what it entails and how to begin implementation. This is relevant for all municipalities, regardless of your size and location, or whether or not you have made any progress with asset management to date.
The first half of the session will focus on what asset management is and why the municipality should do it. The second half will focus on what it entails and how to go about doing it.
Included in the price and day's logistics is a unique 30-minute "Behind the Scenes Tour" of the new Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre (WIATC) - City of Windsor's publicly owned brand new state-of-the-art aquatics facility. 
Cost:       $95 + 13% HST (includes: learning materials, lunch, refreshements and WIATC Tour)
Date:       Monday May 14, 2018 (the day prior to the start of the CNAM Windsor 2018 Conference)
Time:       8:30am - 4:30pm (EST)
Venue:     401 Pitt Street W
                 Windsor, Ontario
                 N9A OB2
For workshop inquiries, please contact:
Iain Cranston
IC Infrastructure Corportation