Full Name
Karen Schwean-Lardner
Job Title
Associate Professor
University of Saskatchewan
Speaker Bio
Karen Schwean-Lardner is an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, working with turkeys, broilers and laying hens. Her work is often multi-dimensional, using production, behaviour and physiological indicators, to examine how various management practices impact both the welfare and productivity of birds. Karen completed her B.Sc. (thesis – equine behaviour), M.Sc. (thesis – Alternative Housing Systems for Laying Hens) and her Ph.D. (Impact of Daylength on Broiler Production and Welfare) at the University of Saskatchewan. During the time of and after completing her Ph.D., she managed the University of Saskatchewan Poultry Research and Teaching Centre, giving her considerable experience in the production aspects of poultry production. She is also heavily involved in teaching poultry sciences, including production and management, but also behaviour and welfare of poultry and other livestock species.
Karen Schwean-Lardner