Condominium Management 100 Course
Calgary, Alberta
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Fundamental Management Principles (1 Day)

Course Overview

Level One of the Condominium Management Program is an introductory course designed to provide pertinent information regarding the responsibilities and liabilities of managing a condominium. This level is addressed to Owners, new Board Members and Professionals. The CM100 covers topics such as Board of Directors’ responsibilities in the Condominium Property Act and By-laws; Principals of Accounting and Condominium Contributions; Decision Making Processes; Communication; Basic Principals Of Insurance Coverage; Basic Elements Of Maintenance And Repair. This is the only level in which styles of condominium management and conducting effective meetings are reviewed in detail.


  • Basic elements of a condominium
  • Registered documents
  • Condominium Property Act
  • By-Laws
  • Risk management
  • Basic elements of insurance
  • Roles and duties of the Board of Directors
  • Duty to maintain and repair
  • Basic elements of maintenance and repair
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Administrative issues
Cost: Member: $195.00 (plus GST)
          Non-Member: $295.00 (plus GST)
*tentative - and may change with instructor availability*